Rectifying Vastu Doshas without demolition

Correct Direction

Placing articles in their proper position and proper direction can give some relief. For example if kitchen is made in the wrong direction, then by placing articles of the kitchen like gas stove etc. in their proper direction can provide relief. Similarly if boring is in the Agneya, it is in the wrong direction. In this situation, by installing the electric meter in the Agneya and by turning the water towards East or towards Ishan can counter act the water dosha of the house.



Mirror is very important from the point of Vastu, because it has the power to reflect back an external vastu related flaw. Mirror enhances the internal beauty and gives protection. Mirror should always be placed in the North or East. It is the most beneficial in these positions. A person normally gets enthusiasm in front of a mirror. A mirror in the North or East produces financial gains. If there is no door or window in the North or East, then mirror placed in these directions can work like a door or window or ventilator. A mirror in the North creates an imaginary reflection of itself in the Northeast, which opens avenues of income, gains and wealth. Additionally a mirror on the eastern wall gives happiness from children.

Bright Bulb

Bright light is very important for correction of Vastu defects, it can improve the environment. It can turn an L shaped house into a square. Bright light behaves like sunlight which brightens the whole house inside and outside. Darkness signifies misfortune, misery and sadness while brightness signifies good fortune and happiness. According to vastu if Eastern part or Ishan of the house is always bright or brightly lit then the Gods keep blessing that house.

Musical Chime or bells

This plays an extremely important role in correction of defects according to Feng shui. If a five rod metallic chime of silver or white colour is hung in the western part of the house or of the room, it promotes family happiness and gives mental peace.

Musical Chime

Similarly if a metallic chime of golden or yellow colour is hung in the Northwest (vayavya) of the house or the room, it produces new opportunities of progress and gets help from people. It can also give opportunities of foreign travel.

Crystal Ball

Crystal ball plays a prominent role in removing the vastu dosha by circulating positive energy in the whole house. A pair of crystal balls are hanged to increase the harmony between husband and wife.

Crystal Ball

Trees and Bouquets

Trees, plants and bouquets are beautiful gifts of naturefull of life. They not only give us oxygen, they also beautify the house. They play an extremely important role in curing diseases, improving health and rectifying vastu doshas.


Aquarium also signifies life force and is a gift of nature. The air bubbles rising in the aquarium indicate life force. These bubbles usher in wealth. If water element is lacking in the house then placing an aquarium or a fountain or a picture of water in the North is auspicious.



In large houses, multistoried building or commercial buildings, ponds and fountains are made to reduce or remove vastu doshas. Fountains which signify money inflow are arranged very carefully. If outflow of water is not in the right manner, then all the money of the house can go to the wrong way.


Heavy stones and Statues

Sometimes heavy stones, rocks or statues are used to make certain corners and directions heavy. Sometimes separation between husband and wife, instability and problems of constant travel can be solved by putting weight in certain directions and corners.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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