North represents professional success. It is an important direction for achievement of professional aims. The season is winter, colour is black, element is water, number is one and the animal is tortoise, on account of his hard and strong shell. The tortoise represents stability, protection, and long life.


East controls health, intelligence and family life. Its season is spring, colour is green and light blue, element is wood, number is three and animal is the powerful inspiration giving kaliya winged serpent.


Represents children, destiny, happiness and creativity. Its season is autumn, colour is white, element is metal, number is seven and animal is the dreadful white tiger.


Though half of the directions of the compass promise wealth, Southeast is the most powerful and obvious direction for wealth. Its season is spring, element is wood, number is four and colour is purple or violet.


This direction represents marriage, relations, partnerships and motherhood. If you are looking for a good business partner or want to strengthen some professional contact, then you should activate this direction. Its season is summer, colour yellow, element Earth and its number is two.


If you want to educate yourself more or to improve your intellectual ability, then you should activate this direction. Green colour is for expansion and blue is for high aspirations. Combination of the two is sea green, which is the most effective colour in this direction. Its season is winter, element Earth and number is eight. In Chinese culture, number eight represents prosperity.


If you are attracted to distant places, or if your interest takes you away from house environment then you should enhance or activate this direction. If you wish to spread your business out of your city or outside the country at an international level, then you should expand the Northwest corner of your office or work premises through the means of Feng Shui. This direction represents fatherhood, benefactors, advisors and your other helpers. Its season is autumn, element hard metal, colour grey and number is six.

Cycles of Creation and Destruction

The universe is composed of five basic elements namely fire, water, wood, metal and Earth. These five elements represent the nature’s forces, their inter dependence and their precarious delicate balance. If these five elements are utilised according to the correct and appropriate balance, then they assist our all over development and progress in the desired manner. But if they are utilised in an inappropriate balance, then they can destroy everything.

Cycle of Creation

The figure below shows the constructive creative cycle - Wood lights fire. Fire produces ash which makes earth - Earth produces metals, Vapour appears on the surface of metal and this produces water - Water produces plants and trees which produce wood. When the cycle moves in this direction it promotes progress. Here each element complements the other.

Cycle of creation

Cycle of Destruction

When these elements are combined in the opposite manner, they hinder each other's progress, density and influence; then the cycle becomes destructive. Water puts out the fire, fire melts the metal, metal cuts wood, wood takes nourishment from earth and water makes the earth muddy and boggy. Here a disbalance and confusion is created between the elements and they go haywire and the cycle of destruction is complete. No element is destructive by itself. In fact all are essential for our environment.

Cycle of Destruction

These cycles become important guidelines for making fine improvements in our surroundings. For instance an aquarium should not be placed along the South wall. Element of South is fire. Water will destroy the influence of fire. Similarly a brown decorative article or terracotta pot should not be placed in the Northern part of the work place or office. North represents water. Earth element or terracotta or brown article can affect your professional opportunities and success adversely.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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