An environment charged with fire energy gives a person inspiration, encouragement and enthusiasm and makes him intelligent and wise. This can also bring light, warmth and happiness in the person's life. On the negative side, it can even cause a fire, explosion or destruction. Fire element can give honour and justice. On the other hand it can support attacks and wars. People supported by fire element are generally leaders and politicians and are very active. Positive support of this element makes a person active, jovial and patient. People opposed by this element are unrestrained exploiters and selfish. Direction of this element is South, its colour is red, its shape is triangular and its season is summer. This element provides maximum prosperity in Summer or is most productive in summer.


People supported by this element enjoy nurturing and helping others. They are dependable, faithful, duty conscious, kind and gentle. If under the adverse influence of this element, they can be temperamental and tense regarding minor matters. At the same time they can even exploit and hurt others.

Location of this element is in the centre, its colour is yellow, its shape is square and dense and its influence remains throughout the year.

Five Elements


Metal element is connected to abundance and materialistic success. It also shows clear cut thinking and awareness of widespread knowledge. People supported by this element are forerunners in future planning and they perform their best in beautiful environment enjoying it thoroughly. They are good managers. They are very serious and patient and rarely agree to help others. The direction of this element is West, its colour is golden and white and its shape is round or rolling pin shaped. Its season is autumn. During autumn, the wood element becomes weak and metal destroys it and becomes strong.


Water element represents social interaction, telecommunication and intellectuality. It is sensitive due to internal inspiration. Water element represents introversion, art and beauty. People supported by this element are interested in learning and spirituality. People dominated by this element earn their livelihood through intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and education etc. They are well behaved, peace loving, social and helpful, basically with a good and sensitive heart. In addition they are able to understand other persons' mentality and get

their work done tactfully. They even take risks and strike beneficial agreements and contracts. Its direction is North, its colour is black and blue, its shape is like a wave and its season is winter. It is more powerful at the time of snowfall.

Difference between Fengshui and Vastu

China is situated in the extreme East of Asia. Icy cold Mongolian desert is towards its North and vast open Pacific ocean is towards its East. Icy cold wind blows from the North bringing in yellow deserts and for this reason North is not considered auspicious in China and it is not considered good to have doors and windows opening towards the North. Even veranda in North is not considered good. Pleasant sea breeze blows in from the East and the South during summer, so East and South directions are considered auspicious there. In contrast to this vastu considers North to be auspicious.

Similarities between Fengshui and Vastu

In both systems East is considered to be auspicious. Importance is given to the five elements and to their own Astrology. In both systems man has been balanced with nature. Northeast is related to knowledge and education by both. Red colour has been gives to South direction by both the schools and both have kept benefit of mankind as their primary motive. Remedies of both the schools produce auspicious results.

Principle Concerning Bagua

Bagua is an octagonal chart. In Chinese language Bagua means Eight sided which shows the eight directions of the compass. Every direction of the compass controls different aspects of life, like profession, wisdom, health, money, fame, marriage, children and helpers. Centre of the bagua is called Taichi which represents yin and Yang in a circle. This is a symbol of completeness and totality and reminds us that balance is necessary.

Knowledge of different directions of the compass, their speciality and the areas influenced by them, helps us to modify the surroundings to remedy the defects and to enhance the results to fulfil our aims.



This direction controls the status, fame, destiny and the celebrations. The season of South is summer, colour is red, number is 9, base element is fire, animal is the immortal imaginary bird Amarpakshi.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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