shastra only. It travelled through Tibet to China where it was popularized. Feng Shui is greatly influenced by Indian culture, especially by Buddhism.

The Chinese corelate the honour or dishonour attained in this human life to the energies generated on the earth. They do not give much importance to human performance or action. Prosperity, good health and god's blessings, all the three are related to the wind and water of the world.

Certain invisible powers are active in the world. The modern science calls then gravitational force and electromagnetic force. Because of these forces energy keeps flowing on the earth continuously. In Chinese this flow of energy is called ‘Qi’. This energy is classified into two forms, Yin, the negative (-) energy and yang the positive(+) energy. Both yin and yang have their own gravitational forces and are complementary to each other. Independently they are incomplete. Their forces are basically Geological positive and negative forces. These forces can be detected with the help of a magnetic compass.

Yin and Yang are forces of two opposite elements and are the binding forces of the entire universe. Yin is female while Yang is male. Yin represents darkness while yang represents the sensitive sunlight. According to the Chinese doctors Yin is active within the body while Yang is active outside the body. When there is some disease in the body then it affects the yin yang balance of the body. Balance of Yin and Yang is necessary for keeping the body healthy because these two are also the magnetic force of the human body.

The human ‘Qi’ gives man intelligence, wisdom, strength, power and physical capability. It becomes necessary to co-ordinate the construction of the house with internal decoration, furniture, paintings, curtains and other utility items, so that a good balance of Qi is maintained between man and his living surroundings, along with their corelation with the earth’s forces.

This same balance makes residential premises apartment buildings, shops, offices, hotels, gardens, parks and industrial complexes, compatible with the forces of the earth, which makes them successful and long lived.

According to the Chinese philosophy the entire universe is operated and maintained by Yin and Yang. They control different directions and have their own effects, which are as follows -

Yin and Yang effects

Yin - Female force

Yang - Male force





Cool colours

Warm colours





Yin - Female force

Yang - Male force





Soft materials

Hard materials

Fixed tendency

Movable tendency.

Five main Elements of Fengshui

Directions and aspect of life

Five elements of Fengshui

According to the Chinese philosophy the entire universe is composed of five basic elements Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth. Along with being the forces of the universe, these elements also represent their complex interdependence and their delicate precarious balance. Persons who maintain the balance of five elements, lead happy and peaceful lives and those who cannot or do not maintain this balance suffer throughout their lives.


Wood represents nourishment, family mentality and flexibility. It is generally connected to progress. People supported by wood are energetic. They are creators of new concepts and ideas and are also successful because of their impressive personality. They are inclined towards art. As opposed to this, people who are either not supported by wood or opposed by it are impatient and easily angered. They are not able to complete any project which they have started.

The direction of this element is East. Its colour is green. Its shape is straight and rectangular. Its season is spring and it is an indicator of the growth of plants and vegetation.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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