like suicide. The family members can suffer from diseases related to skin, leprosy, infectious diseases, hydrocoele and nervous problems.

  • Install a Rahu yantra in the pooja place and worship it.
  • Install a brown or multicoloured ganapati on the main door.
  • Chant Beej mantra for Rahu and recite Rahu stotra.

Use of Siddha Ganapati for Vastu Dosha Nivaran

Based on fourteen Maha Vidyas fourteen types of images and idols of Ganapati have been created. These are described as -

Santan Ganapati

The couple is blessed with a child within one year, when santan Ganpati is installed on the main door after proper invocation with mantras recited with faith and devotion, in an auspicious muhurta.

Vighna Harta Ganapati

If a family always suffers because of hurdles and obstructions (Vighna and Badha), quarrels among its members and is full of mental tension, then a lot of relief can be got if Vighna Harta Ganapati is installed on the main door after proper invocation.

Vidya Pradayak Ganapati

If the children of the house are ill behaved, indisciplined and uncontrolled or if they are not inclined towards studies or if they cannot retain knowledge despite serious efforts, then the house owner should install a Vidya Pradayak Ganapati idol or statue on the main door after proper invocation in an auspicious muhurta.

Vivah Vinayak

Sometimes there is a delay in the marriage of grown up children of marriageable age. Sometimes the delay is because of mangal dosha. In these situations vivah vinayak Ganapati should be installed on the main door.

Dhanadayak Ganapati

The people who don’t get full benefit of their efforts and who cannot prosper, should install ‘Dhan Dayak Ganapati’ in their homes.

Chinta Nashak Ganapati

People who always remain worried and tense because of some reason or the other, should install chinta nashak Ganapati in their houses.

Siddhi Dayak Ganapati

For achieving success in all endeavours, statue of siddhi dayak Ganapati should be installed.

Anand Dayak Ganapati

For abundance of love and happiness in the house, a statue of Anand Dayak Ganapati should be installed in the house.

Vijay Siddhi Ganapati

For winning a court case or for defeating the enemies, Vijay siddhi Ganapati should be installed.

Rina Mochan Ganapati

For gaining freedom from debts, a statue of Rina Mochan Ganpati should be installed.

Roga nashak Ganapati

For destruction of all types of diseases and for gain of good health, the idol of Roga nashak Ganapati should be installed.

Netritva Shakti vikasak Ganapati

Netritva Shakti Vikasak Ganapati should be installed by people desirous of becoming a leader, actor, minister or M.P. etc. The same should be done by people wanting to attain a high government position and high status in politics.

Sopari Ganapati

Enhancement of Indian spirituality can be achieved by worshipping sopari Ganapati by mantras.

Shatru Hanta Ganapati

This statue of Ganapati is made with many colours. By installing it on the door of the bedroom, happiness and bed pleasures can be achieved.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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