for people who are keen to develop their spirituality. Jupiter is a satwik planet who increases and expands everything related to it. Jupiter is sthool. For this reason he represents a son who signifies continuation of the lineage. Being large he represents elder brother. Also being large, he represents a woman’s husband. In the horoscope Ishan signifies the second and the third houses. Because this direction is extremely auspicious, it needs to be protected. If Ishan is defective then it creates lack of interest in pooja, lack of respect for elders and brahmins, lack of money and lack of happiness from children. It also causes diseases like liver or spleen disorders, diabetes and even dreadful diseases like cancer. A kitchen in the Northeast produces cough, acidity, indigestion, diseases of intestines and stomach problems.

  • Maintain purity of Northeast
  • Light a neon bulb in this direction
  • Worship Vishnu ji
  • Recite Vishnu Sahastranam stotra
  • Recite Shri Sukta in front of a metallic Shri Yantra
  • Perform Japa of the Beej Mantra of Jupiter in front of Guru Yantra

Defect of Vayavya Direction

The lord of Vayavya direction is Vayu and his ayudha is ankush. Moon represents this direction. Moon can be benefic or malefic and he can be active or inactive. When Moon is benefic the person has a good reputation and achieves name, fame and honour. He has an excellent mental development. His family life is happy and he also gets happiness from his mother. He extensively travels within and outside the country. He becomes learned, famous, magnificent and honourable. He is honoured by the government. But if Moon is malefic then the person’s mind is prone to insanity, mental instability and foolishness. He suffers humiliation and rejection every where. Fifth and Sixth house of the horoscope are represented by Vayavya kona, so Vayavya is capable of giving friends and enemies. With a defective vayavya the person can suffer from gas in the stomach, heart burn, skin problems, mental ailments and anger. He also has many enemies. If vayavya is free from defects then he will have many friends who are beneficial for him.

Extension of vayavya and Agneya is responsible for incidents of fire in many houses. If the level of the verandas or balcony in vayavya is lower than that of the Ishan, it can produce many enemies. The women remain apprehensive and sickly. Defective vayavya can also cause diseases related to heart, lungs, chest, cough, cold, pneumonia, appendicitis, diarrhoea and female problems like menstrual irregularity, etc.

  • Affix Chandra yantra in the house to correct the defect of direction
  • Install a white Ganapati on both sides of the door (front and back) alongwith Shri yantra containing silver
  • Paint the walls with cream colour
  • Fast on Mondays
  • Worship sphatik Shiva linga by slowly pouring milk over it

Defects of the Agneya Direction

Lord of the Agneya is Ganeshji and his ayudha is shakti. Venus represents this direction. Venus controls mutual friendship and mutual attraction. A person under the influence of Venus is attractive, loving, friendly & generous. Venus is connected to beauty, perfumes, physical pleasure and enjoyment. He also represents art, music, materialistic enjoyment and luxury. The main aim of Venus is to create life and continue procreation in nature. Therefore he represents the sexual desire and the sexual act. In this manner he fulfils his aim of procreation. The condition of Venus tells us about the person’s wife, marital happiness, sexual virility, potency, domestic happiness and worldly pleasures.

He represents the left eye, left arm and knees of the Kalpurush. Agneya influences the eleventh and twelfth house of the horoscope. Defect in Agneya deprives the person of marital happiness, bed pleasures and enjoyments. It can also create impotency, diabetes, deafness and dumbness. Apart from this, it can cause diseases related to chest region, reproductive organs, urinary tract, spleen and sexual disorders.

  • Install a green coloured Vastu dosha Nashak Ganapati on the front and back side of the door
  • Recite Shri Sukta in front of a Crystal Sri yantra
  • Chant Beej mantra of Venus in front of Shukra Yantra

Defects of the Nairritya Direction

Rahu controls the Nairritya. He is a very powerful shadowy planet. There is really no remedy for the ill effects of Rahu. It is not easy to propitiate him with Griha shanti only. It is only possible to co operate with him with wisdom and intelligence and get the best out of him. He represents both heels and Baithak of the Kalpurush. The eighth and the ninth house of the horoscope are controlled by Nairritya. If there is an open space, depression, pit, thorny tree or source of water in the Nairritya, then the owner remains sickly. His longevity is curtailed, he is harmed by his enemies and deprived of prosperity. If water of the Nairritya flows out of the drains in the South, then it harms the women. If it flows out through the drains in the West, then it harms the men of the house. A defective Nairritya causes sudden accidents, fires and untoward incidents

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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