• yantra should be installed on the Eastern door and a Vastu mangalkari toran should also be hanged on this door
  • Recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra
  • Dig a well or make a water tank or have a tap in the East

Defects of the West direction

Lord of the West is Varuna and his Ayudha is Paasha. Saturn represents the West direction. Saturn is Kal personified. He represents misfortune and good fortune both. Saturn is the judge who weighs the person's Karmas and gives the karma phal without any emotion or hesitation. He also assists people in exhausting their karmas and moving ahead on their path to enlightenment. He makes people go through hardship and gradually improves them. He is a teacher who teaches the lessons of life. West direction is the seventh house of the kalpurush, which represents marital happiness, partnership in profession, progress in profession, legal matters, reproductive organs and private parts. If the waste water or the rain water of the house goes out through the west, then the men of the family suffer from chronic diseases. Defect in the West produces impotency, feet related diseases, leprosy, spinal trouble, arthritis, neurological and windy complaints. If there are cracks in the West then the owner suffers from sexual diseases and his earning is disorganised. If the kitchen or a fire place is in the West it produces ailments related to pitta, heat and moles. If the main door is in the East and the place is absolutely clean and stones, rocks, and mud are in the West, then the owner's income will be good.

  • Install Varuna Yantra in the house to rectify defects of West direction
  • Fast on Saturdays
  • Offer water to Khejari tree on Saturday. The tree should be watered well
  • Recite Shani stotra in front of Shani yantra
  • Raise the Western boundary wall and plant a large tree in the West

Defects of the North direction

Lord of the North is kubera. His ayudha is Gada. Mercury represents North direction. Mercury behaves like the planet he is placed with. If he is placed with benefic planets, he will behave like a benefic. If he is placed with malefic planets, he will behave like a malefic. North direction represents Kalpurush’s chest and heart. It represents the fourth house of the horoscope. This direction tells us about the person’s mother. If the North direction if left vacant, it is beneficial for the mother’s family. If the North direction is free from any defects, then it is beneficial for the person’s educational, intellectual and mental development. He develops the intelligence of an inventor of various types of concepts and ideas. He can even be a good poet. His Sukha Sthan or house is in good condition. He has the comfort of having good servants, good

friends and all home comforts. If the North direction has defects, then the owner's fourth house will be afflicted. In this situation there will be lack of home comforts like servants. There will be house related problems and lack of happiness from mother. Apart from this he may suffer from ailments like hernia, heart trouble, skin diseases, gall bladder disease, madness, cholera, lungs and blood related diseases.

  • Place Budha yantra in the pooja
  • Paint the walls of the house with green colour
  • Have a call bell of parrot sound
  • Recite Shri Sukta in front of Margaj Shri Yantra

Defects of the South direction

The lord of South direction is Yama and his ayudha is danda. The planet representing South is Mars. Mars is the driving force of all the life sustaining systems of the world. It is a special life giving force. It gives life to all the living organisms and human beings, and also gives them courage, valour, drive, tolerance, excitement and energy. On the negative side it gives physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, excitement, aggressiveness and intolerance. South direction represents the left side of the kalpurush’s chest, left lung and kidneys. It also represents the tenth house of the horoscope. If there is a well, crack, garbage, dump or old rubbish in the South, it produces heart trouble, joint pain, lack of blood and jaundice etc.

A well or water in the South can give an accidental death. If the Southern door faces the Nairritya then it can give chronic diseases and sudden death. Defect in the South also produces miscarriages and menstrual disorders in women, blood impurities, high blood pressure, piles, accidents, boils and diseases related to bone marrow and ulcers. It can also harm the service or business and give social defamation, lack of happiness from father and lack of success in government related jobs.

  • Install a Mangal Yantra on the South door
  • Install a statue or a picture of Ganapati with Dakshinavarti trunk on both sides of the door
  • Hang a Vastu mangalkari toran on the door
  • Worship Bhairavaji or Hanumanji
  • Worship Ganesh ji
  • Keep the out flow of water from the South facing house towards the North

Defect of the Ishan Direction

Lord of the Ishan is Rudra and his ayudha is a trident or trishool. Jupiter represents Ishan. Jupiter is a great benefic. He is God’s blessings. Jupiter is especially auspicious

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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