Some other Considerations

  • Containers of food grains should never become totally empty. Till new supply comes, some food should be left in it
  • The door of the store should be made in an auspicious grid in the North and East direction
  • Store for the useless heavy articles should be made in the Nairritya (SW) region. There should be no dampness or leakage in the store


    Q1. In which direction the construction of store room is suitable?

    Q2. What should be kept in mind if store room is constructed in South-West direction?

    Q3. Which goods and articles should be kept in South-East direction in the store room?

    Q4. Which directions are considered auspicious for keeping edible items in store room?

    Q5. In which directions should the door of store room be placed?

Apartments, Buildings & Residential Complexes 32

With escalating land prices and scarcity of available land, it has almost become a dream to acquire a suitable piece of land and construct a house according to the principles of Vastu. As a result an extremely large section of our society resides in apartments which may be developed by the government or by private builders.

Benefit of Vastu Shastra can also be enjoyed by people living in these apartments. Through proper utilisation of forces of nature they can also lead healthy, wealthy, prosperous and happy lives. Some guidelines are as follows :

  • Soil of the land where the apartments are to be constructed should be checked and tested.
  • The flats should be square or rectangular.
  • The plot should not have any extensions or reductions on any side.
  • The Brahmasthan of the plot should be open, neat and clean.
  • A park or a temple can be made at that place.
  • Underground water tank, swimming pool or lift should not be made in this place.
  • The plot should be situated in the main cardinal directions.
  • The main entrance and the compound gate should be made in an auspicious place.
  • Entrance is considered to be auspicious in :

    • Eastern Ishan (East of Northeast)
    • Northern Ishan (North of Northeast)
    • East
    • North
    • Southern Agneya (South of Southeast)
    • Western Vayavya

    Entrance is considered to be inauspicious in :

    • Southern Nairritya (South of Southwest)
Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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