Varanda is the semi private area of the house. It can be used for receiving people who need not be taken inside the house. It can even be used as a reception area.

It is beneficial to have it in the North and East part of the house. Roof of the verandah should be slightly lower than that of the main house and it should be sloping towards the North and the East. If the varandah is in the Southwest then its roof should be slightly higher than that of the house and its floor should slope towards the Northeast. If the verandah is in the Northwest or the Southeast then its roof should be of the same level as the rest of the house.

181871.pngLocation of Verandah

The verandah should give a happy and cheerful feeling. Grass and beautiful plants can be planted in front of the verandah. Sitting arrangement can be made towards the South or West, where heavy furniture and heavy plants can be placed. Light furniture and small plants can be placed in the North and East. A shoe rack or cabinet for shoes can be placed in the Northwest where the guests can keep their shoes before entering the house. A small wash basin and towel stand can be there in the Northeast part of the verandah. If the verandah is enclosed then it should have more windows in the North and East for ventilation.


    Q1. In which directions should the garage be made and in which directions it is not suitable?

    Q2. Which direction should the parked vehicle face in garage?

    Q3. What should be the colour of garage?

    Q4. Which directions are suitable for the construction of varandah?

    Q5. Which direction should be used for seating in varandah?

Store Room 31

Northwest region of the house is the ideal place for a store room for keeping food grains. This ensures their regular supply. The articles of daily use should be stored in the Northwest corner. The store should always be kept clean and its doors and windows should be in the North and East. Clutter free store rooms ensure the continuous availability of food grains in the house and their scarcity is not felt.

Store for keeping heavy machines, wood, tools etc. should be in the Southwest of the house in an open place or in the Southwest corner of the house. If the store has to be made in an open area in the Southwest of the house, then it should be made between the main house and the Southwest corner, supported by the boundary.

Location of Store room

Heavy articles should be placed here. There should be no crack or water leakage in the wall or in the roof of this store. This room should never be rented out. There should be no door in the Southwest.

In case of a small family having one store room either in the Northwest or Southwest.

  • Heavy articles and trunks should be placed in South and West
  • Food articles in the North and West
  • Oils, ghee, gas cylinder and Kerosene etc. in the Southeast corner
Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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