The door of the bedroom should be of only one plank. It should be either in North-East or in the West. Small windows can be made in the North and in the East.

Heavy articles like cupboards and show cases should be placed along the South or West wall. Mezzanine should be in the South or West. The electrical articles should be placed in the Southeast corner.

Pictures of the departed family members and those of war, ferocious birds and animals should not be placed in the bedroom. These become inauspicious.

Walls of the bedroom can be painted light pink, beige, light green or chocolate colour. White marble should not be used in the bedroom.

Best place for studies in the bedroom is in the West. It can even be in the East. It is beneficial to study facing East.

Bagua mirror should be hung with a red string on the outer side of the door to keep the negative energy away.


    Q1. Why should not the bedroom be made in North-East direction?

    Q2. In which direction the bedroom of a newly married couple should be made and why?

    Q3. In which direction the bedroom is considered suitable for unmarried children or guests and why?

    Q4. Why should the head be towards South while sleeping?

    Q5. How should be the door of the bedroom?

Study Room 27

The ideal location for the study room is in the West direction. Saraswati Ji who is the goddess of education resides in this direction. Apart from this, the study can also be made in the North, East and the Ishan kona. The students should face either East or North while studying. Their chair must be behind the wall and there shouldn't be any glass or mirror reflecting the image because this create tension in the mind of children and they don't concentrate in their studies.

Mercury the planet for intelligence and mental awareness, Jupiter the planet for knowledge and wisdom and Sun the natural Atmakarak rule the North, North-East and the East direction respectively. Hence it is beneficial to have the study room in these directions. Study room for children with weak Mercury and weak Jupiter should be made in the North or the Ishan region. Study room for lazy children should be made in the East. The study should never be made in the Northwest or Southwest.

Location of Study room

Facing East while studying makes the children brilliant.

Book rack and small cupboard for books should be placed in the North or the East. If these are placed in the Northwest, then the books may get stolen. If placed in the Southwest then they will not be frequently used. So North or East is the best place for them.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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