The door of the toilet should be in the North or in the East. A small window should also be made in the East, West or in the North.

Colour of the walls can be some light pastel shade of preference.

Some other considerations


If the toilet is located in front of the main entrance door, then it creates health problems, especially stomach problems. In this situation a 4"x4" mirror should be fixed on the door of the toilet.

  • A toilet in the Northeast corner causes financial losses, mental imbalance, intolerable ailments and disputes among the residents. In this situation it would be beneficial to fix a one foot broad mirror on the Northern wall just below the roof.
  • If the bathroom and toilet are combined and their entrance is through the kitchen, then to remove this flaw, the following remedy is recommended :
    • A four inch broad line should be painted with yellow paint at the entrance of the toilet, on the floor under the door.
    • To stop the negative energy from entering the kitchen, three green pyramids should be fixed on the wall between the kitchen and the toilet.
    • A ceramic bowl of sea salt should be placed in the Northeast or the Southeast corner of the toilet to absorb the negative energy.

These days in modern bathrooms/toilets, tub, shower etc. are placed in a combined way as shown in this picture.


    Q1. What are the inauspicious effects if toilet is built in North-East area?

    Q2. What are the inauspicious effects if toilet is built in South-West area?

    Q3. What are the inauspicious effects if toilet is built in Central area?

    Q4. Which directions are suitable for the construction of toilets?

    Q5. In which directions the door of a toilet should be made?

Septic Tank 25

The septic tank should be provided in the Northern or Western section of the Northwest. The North and West directions should be divided into 9 equal parts. The septic tank can be made in the third part from the Northwest corner either in the North or West directions. If there is no space, the septic tank can be made at one & half feet away from the Northwest direction.

Septic tank should not be made in the South-East or North-East or the Southwest corners. In the Ishan kona it causes financial paucity and lack of peace of mind. In the Agneya kona it is bad for health. In the Nairritya kona it is harmful for the head of the family. In the South, it is harmful for the spouse and in the West it disturbs the mental peace.

Location of Septic tank

Septic tank should not touch the boundary or the foundation of the house. It should be at least one or two feet away from them and it should not be above the ground level. Its outlet should be either in the North or in the East.

Length of the septic tank should be along the East - West while its breadth should be along the North-South direction.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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