If a bathroom along with the toilet has to be made adjoining the bedroom then it should be made towards its North-West. It should not be made towards its Northeast or Southwest.

  • Crack in the bathroom door, bad smell and leaking taps in the bathroom bring about financial losses, so these should be prevented and repaired.
  • Above picture represents an ideal bathroom where the mirror and taps are in the north and the shower is in the Northeast.


    Q1. Why should not the bathroom be built below the staircases?

    Q2. What are the benefits if the slope of bathroom is kept towards North East?

    Q3. On which wall should the mirror and washbasin be built?

    Q4. What should be the colour of the walls of bathroom?

    Q5. How should the bath tub be placed in bathroom?

Toilet 24

According to the Indian Culture the toilet and bathroom should not be made together, though this has become a common practice today. If both have to be made together, a wall should be erected between the two. The toilet should not be made in the centre of the house or in the Northeast corner or in the Southeast or Southwest corner. A toilet in the centre of the house is absolutely forbidden. It scatters the entire household establishment. In the Southwest it harms the health and the other aspects of the owner's life. In the Northeast it creates financial paucity and mental ailments.

The toilet can be made in the Northern Northwest or in the Western Northwest. The next best position is between the Southwest corner and the South. The toilet seat should be in the Western Northwest or in the South. If possible, the seat should be located on the North-South axis. While using the toilet the person should face the North or South direction, or the person can even face the West.

A commode is best placed in the Southwest corner or in the South. While using the commode the person can face the North or East direction. This prevents constipation, gas, warts and moles.

Location of Toilet

The toilet seat should be at least one or two feet above the ground level. If the seat is below the ground level then it creates medical, mental and financial problems for the residents.

Tap or water tank for the toilet should be in the North or in the Northeast corner. It should never be in the Southeast or Southwest corners.

The slope of the floor, the roof and the outlet should be towards the North or the East.

Domestic Vastu

Domestic Vastu

The principles of vastu science are scientific. By getting the knowledge of these principles and applying it in the construction of building the vastu related faults can be rectified. This book talks about these principles in detail.

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