Radical number 9 - Massive public meeting at Gandhi Maidan in Patna. (Addressed 2 lakh people)


Radical number 7 - Addressed a general meeting at Ram - Lila Ground, Delhi.


Compound number 9 - Released from jail.


Radical number 9 Compound number 7 - Election declared, emergency ended.


Sum total - Joined Vinoba Bhave in Sarvodaya programme to start non - violent movement.


Sum total 7 - Interview and statement of J.P. were published in London Times.


Radical number 6 - Naga dispute ended with his intervention.


Radical number 6 - Bihar Bandh successful.


Radical number 6 - Led a massive rally from Red Fort, Delhi.


Radical number 6 - Appealed to bring Janata Party into power in the election campaign.


Radical Parliamentarians number 6 - Administered oath of office of Prime Minister Morarji Desai and other Parliamentarians at Raj Ghat.

Inimical Number 8


Mahatma Gandhi was arrested with J.P. and other leaders


Sum total 8 - Arrested at Delhi Station and sent to Lahore jail.


Sum total 8 - Socialist Party was defeated badly.


Number 8 is the sum total of 26 - Arrested during emergency.


Radical and Compound number both are 8 - J.P. left for his heavenly abode.

In the analysis made above we saw that all the radical number, Compound number and Mitrank had their influence over the favourable and important incidents that took place in the life of Jay prakash Narayan.

On the other hand, the inimical number 8 put its influence over the incidents unfavourable to him. The numbers play their role this way in the life of everybody. If analysed their role properly, the favourable and unfavourable incidents in a man's life can be foreseen well ahead of time.


  1. Q1. Find out the dates by the date of birth of a man on which important incidents took place in his life and describe elaborately the effects of numbers on them.
  2. Q2. Find out the radical number and Compound number of a woman born on 24.6.1953 and then make prediction by her Ank Kundali.
  3. Q3. What do you know about Panchdashi Yantra?
  4. Q4. How is Ank Kundali prepared? Prepare your own Ank Kundali and illustrate.
  5. Q5. A native is born on 15.2.1967, find out his Radical number, Lucky number and Compound number and also prepare his Ank Kundali.
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