3 is the Sum total of radical number 30. Went on a goodwill visit to Yugoslavia.


Sum total of radical number 12 is 3. Conferred Nehru Award on U Thant. Delivered last speech as President.

Inimical Numbers 2, 4, 8


Sum total 2-Resigned from the post of professor of Calcutta University.


Sum total of 11 is 2. Resigned from the post of Vice President


Sum total 4-Became victim of paralysis.


Number 4 is the sum total of 13. Retired from the post of President.

Jay Prakash Narayan Ank Kundali

Date of birth 11.10.1902, Radical Number 2, Compound Number 6, In Ank Kundali, number 1 is there on 3 occasions. Number 1 is the number of Sun. The Sun is exalted and very strong. The Moon is at the lowest position. He had had the attributes of the Sun, since he was greatly influenced by the same.

Moon is the lord of radical number 2. People with 2 as their radical number are sweet natured, mild, kind - hearted, altruist, imaginative, unsteady and energetic. All these attributes were there in J.P. He had many ups and downs in his health and mental disposition.

Venus, the lord of number 6 is the most shining planet. It can be observed very easily. It also represents Kamdev, the lord of love. People influenced by Venus are versed in different knowledges. They are good looking and interested in fine arts. They are as wise as Shukracharya. J.P. was also firm with his principles and policies. He faced all the hurdles in his way and never became nervous and perturbed. He liked simplicity and cleanliness. He always liked to wear neat and clean clothes. He always kept himself away from pomp and show. His was a charming personality. He was influential, gentle and fearless. He liked discipline very much. These are the qualities found in the people having 6 as Compound number. Here, the incidents that took place in his life are being analyzed on the basis of Numerology.

Numbers 7 and 9 are the two friends of radical number 2. Numbers 3 and 9 are the friends of Compound number 6. Number 8 is the enemy of the both.


Sum total 2 - Got married and passed matriculation.


Number 7 is the radical number of 16. Went to America for higher education.


Sum total 2 - Passed B.A. and obtained degree of graduation.


Number 9 is the radical number of 18. Constituted Samajwadi (Socialist) Party under the presidentship of Acharya Narendra Dev.


Absconded from Hazaribagh jail. Number of absconding prisoners was 6. Freed from jail.


Radical number 2 - Released from jail.


Sum total 2 - opposed partition. Proposed that both Congress and League should govern the country.


Sum total 2 - Intervened the riots between Jamshedhpur and Rourkela.


Sum total 7 - Helped the riots at Ahmedabad die down.


Sum total 9 - First meeting with Madho Singh dacoit.


Radical number 7 - Dacoits surrendered before J.P. in Morena.

An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

Any body can learn numerology to know about the basic traits and nature of a native. The vibration of numbers have a specific impact on the life of native. This book contains complete information about the basics of numerology.

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