Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishan Ank Kundali

Date of birth 5.9.1888, Radical Number-5, Compound Number-3, Mitrank 6 and 9, Inimical number 2,4,8

Saturn is two times there in the Ank Kundali, so it is strong. There is a combination of Mercury and Mars. A strong Saturn in the Ank Kundali of a native makes him introvert, self repressive and long lived. All these attributes were there in Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. He enjoyed bliss of wealth, prosperity, glory and grandeur. Mercury-Mars combination made him courageous and fearless. Influenced by this combination, he was appointed at the highest post of President. He was very much prudent and sagacious and enjoyed the highest post in the Indian Constitution.

Mercury is the lord of radical number 5. People having number 5 as radical number prove to be fine orator, great writer, mild, practical, sociable, and prompt in establishing friendship. They are agile, tolerant and kind-hearted. They impress the people around by their mild behaviour. They are honest, realist and straight forward. All these attributes were there in Dr. Radhakrishnan under the influence of radical number. He was a man of strong will power.

Jupiter is the lord of Compound number 3. Under the influence of Jupiter, Radhakrishnana was a man of strong psychic force. The planet made him a philosopher, prudent, wise and virtuous. He was keen in teaching and learning. He was a fine orator and just and fair. He was a very good lecturer. He earned name and fame both in the country and abroad. Here, the influence of the number on the incidents that took place in his life is being analysed below.


Radical number - 2 - Returned home from Africa.


Sum total 9 - Mitrank - Appointed lecturer in philosophy in Madras Presidency College


Sum total 3 - Obtained degree in M.A.


Sum total 3 - His two books of world fame on philosophy were published in English


Sum total 3 - That year he was 32 years old, sum total of which is 5. Under the influence of this number, he was appointed professor of philosophy at George Vidyapeetha. It was a nice piece of honour.


Sum total 9 - Delivered lecture on Hindu Philosophy donned in Indian apparel at Oxford University.


Sum total 3 - Published a magazine New Era. Delivered lectures in England.


Sum total 5 - Became the Vice Chancellor of Andhra University


Sum total 5 - UNO made him a member of International Intellectual Committee.


Sum total 6 - Appointed Ambassador to Russia.


Returned from Russia. It was for the first time that an ambassador was given a bouquet by the Russian Foreign Minister. On return, Radhakrishnan was elected the Vice President.


Sum total 3- Went on a goodwill visit to Russia as Vice President.


Sum total of radical number 12 is 3 - Became President.


Sum total radical number 12 is 3 - Order of Merit was presented to Dr. Radhakrishnan at Buckingham Palace in England.


Sum total of radical number 12 is 3, which is a compound Number. Visit to Russia. Russia established new friendship with India.


Sum total of radical number 12 is 3, a Compound number. Went on a visit to America. Called on President Kennedy. Strengthened relationship between America and India.

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