Lal Bahadur Shastri Ank Kundali

Date of birth 2.10.1904, Radical Number-2, Compound Number-8, Numbers-7, and 9, the Mitrank of Radical Number 2 and 5, the Inimical number 1 and 4, the Mitrank of Samyuktank 8 and 3 and 6, the inimical numbers.

Radical number 2 has been analyzed in the study made earlier in the Ank Kundali of Mahatma Gandhi. Saturn is the lord of 8, the Compound number. This number makes the native ambitious. He holds a high post and possesses a sense of sacrifice. He is prone to struggle. He likes simplicity and has a sense of sympathy for others. Sometimes he is grief stricken and feels secluded. He is limited to himself and firm in discipline. All these attributes were there in Shastriji.


Sum total 9, the Mitrank- Honoured with the title of ''Shastri''.


Sum total 7 - Engagement


Sum total 8 - Got married


Radical number 2, Compound number 8. Violated British Law and delivered impressive speech in Allahabad despite being surrounded by policemen.


Sum total 2 - Released from jail and became Home Minister in Pant Council of Minister.


Sum total 7 Mitrank - Became the General Secretary of Congress


Sum total 4 - Became Telecommunication Minister.


Sum total 8 (Compound number) - Became Home Minister of India.


Mitrank 4 Compound number 8 - Got language turmoil pacified in Assam.


Mtrank 4 Compound number 7 (Mitrank)- Became Minister without


Mitrank 9 Compound number 8 - Became Prime Minister


Compound number 4 (Mitrank) Pakistan invaded India on the day of his Mitrank, that is why India won.

23. 9. 1965

Compound number 8 - cease fire


Mitrank 4 -Tashkent talks commenced

Inimical Numbers 3, 5 and 6


Radical number 5 - Fell into the Ganges from boat, but saved due to Mitrank 4, as a child Shastriji fell in the basket of a milkman but was saved


Sum total 6 - Sent to jail


Sum total 3 - Resigned from the post of Rail Minister owing to train


Sum total 6 - First heart attack


Radical number 3 - Went to Takshkent but did not return alive from there.


Sum total 6 - Passed away. Shastriji was declared dead on 11th of that month, though it is supposed that he left for his heavenly abode any time after 11 on the 10th of the said month.

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An Introduction to Numerology

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