Origin of the Number 1


A number is closely related to sound and action. The Zero represents the Nirakar Brahma or infinity. In fact, this world has originated from Zero and all the things in the world get themselves merged with it. This Zero is subtle as well as infinite (Sookshma and Vrihad). If we look around us we find that the entire world is circular. The sky looks like a Zero; the earth, air, water, fire and such things look like a Zero. Likewise, our physical constitution is also like a Zero. So, the power of Zero is infinite and this Zero was invented by our saints and sages and today it is accepted by the entire world. Today, we are in the age of computer which is also based on Zero itself. It is called a dot in the language of computer.

The universe originated from zero which was considered to be one and one only. It means that there is some unknown and unseen power that runs and governs this world the way it likes. We call this power Brahm. This Brahm is the only power, however, it is called by different names. The man found only two stars in the sky, the Sun and the Moon when he came into existence. So, there are only two seen planets and none else that can guide the mankind. The Sun rises every day, so it has been given the first place and number one represents it. The Sun, the lord of number one, is associated with the soul. This helps man know the Atmashakti (psychic force) of the individual and the community.

The night was created by the Moon and hence it has been given the second place and it represents number two. It stands for worldly pleasure. It bestows reasoning faculty to us. The Sun is considered to be a masculine planet. In real life, the man has been given preferential treatment. A woman has two sides - one is of a girl and the other of a woman i.e. wife. Both the sides have their own entities.

The Moon is considered to be a feminine planet and a woman has Kalaas like Moon. A woman becomes Shuddha (clean) after twenty - seven days like the Moon that transits over all the constellations in 27 days.

The man came to know the power of Brahm when found the sky, the earth and the waters and thus number three came into existence. So, this number three was considered to be the number of vastness and Jupiter was accepted as its lord. Jupiter is associated with the soul. This makes people know the vastness of the world and the soul. We have only three gods who are the lords of Trishakti - desire, knowledge and performance. There are three attributes in these three powers i.e. Trishakti. Lord Brahma is Satoguni having the qualities of goodness and purity. Lord Vishnu is Rajoguni and Lord Shiva is Tamoguni. All the three lords have three powers - creation, protection and destruction respectively. Or, desire the Brahmi Shakti, Performance Vaishnavi and knowledge is that of Gauri. All these three powers represent Moon, Sun and Fire respectively. The three stages of life i.e. childhood youthfulness and old age are also represented by these three powers. In childhood, body of a boy or a girl grows up like the Kalaas of the Moon, in youthfulness, it shines like the Sun and senility leads towards fire i.e. destruction. In the body of a man or a woman, Ida, Pingala and Sushumha are the nerves more important than the others. The man has only three Karmas (deeds) Sanchit (accumulated), Prarabdha (destiny) and Aagaami.

Evolution of Numbers

When the man opened his eyes wide in the world he found four directions, from which emerged number four. This number of four represents four streams of the Vedas, four sub sections or divisions of theirs and four castes in the society. The number was entrusted to Rahu or Herschel the symbol of change, of aggressiveness. Herschel is associated with worldly pleasure. This gives elan vital (Jeevan Shakti) to the man. The number represents the four states (Jaagrataadivastha). All the four religions, four places of pilgrimage are merged into this number. There are four kinds of the body vegetation i.e. sprouting from beneath the ground (udbhijja) tree, sweat born (swedaja) - worm and insect, born out of an egg (Andaja) - serpent, fish, bird and born from the womb.

An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

Any body can learn numerology to know about the basic traits and nature of a native. The vibration of numbers have a specific impact on the life of native. This book contains complete information about the basics of numerology.

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