Date of birth - 2.10.1869, Radical Number-2, Compound Number-9, Name Number3, Combinations in Ank Kundali: Moon - Venus combination, Sun-Mars combination , Sun-Mars combination in the Ank Kundali causes success in venturesome jobs. The step taken to make India independent was very much venturesome. Under the influence of Moon-Venus combination, he was good looking and adept in handicrafts.

A native having 2 as radical number is mild by nature and imaginative. He proves to be an altruist and possess strong mental faculty. Besides being self-confident, the native likes discipline. He indulges in the activities of social service.

Radical number of Jayprakash narayan, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Morarji Desai and Sumitra Nandan Pant is 2.

Mars is the lord of 9, the Compound number. It makes the native a commander, a hero, courageous etc, He emerges victorious in battles.

Numbers 7 and 9 are the Mitrank of Radical number 2 whereas 3 and 6 are Mitrank of the Compound number 9. Numbers 1,5, 7 and 2 are the enemies of the radical and lucky numbers. Number 7 is neutral also since it is the Mitrank. On this basis, the incidents that took place in the life of Gandhiji is being analyzed below :


Mitrank 6 - Passed matriculation


2,the Mitrank of Samyutank - Went abroad for higher education.


Mitrank - 3 - Started social work in South Africa.


Mitrank - 6 - Returned home and delivered maiden speech in Bombay.


Mitrank - 2 - Returned home from Africa.


Mitrank 3 - Gained new experiences from the people while travelling to Benaras in 3rd class.


Radical number - 2 - Compound number 9 - Started Satyagraha for the first time in Johannesberg in South Africa. Knew the power of Satyagrah and Brahmacharya.


Mitrank - 6- Went to Transvaal with 2037 (3) people and started Satyagraha there. This paved the way in India also for Satyagraha.


Mitrank 6 - Revolution in Africa ended. Returned to India.


Samyutank - 8 - Arrived in Bombay.


Radical number 6 - Strike across India.


Mitrank - 3 - Non-violent struggle in congress was proposed.


Mitrank - 3 - Namak Satyagrah started.


Samyuktank 6- Called on the Vicerory merely in Dhoti and a Gamachha.

18.2. 1947

Radical number - 9 Proposal for the independence of India was surfaced in House of Commons.


mitrank 6 - India became independent. Effort by Gandhiji appeared successful.

Neutral Number 7 Inimical and Friendly both


Combination 7 - Arrived at Durban.


Combination 7 - Gandhiji spent 2338 days in jail


Combination 7 - Founded Sabarmati Ashram

Inimical Number 5 and 8


Radical number 8 Compound number 5 - Was arrested at Palwal station


Combination 5 - Sent to jail for the first time in India


Combination 8 - Appealed to make the movement high pitched. Thousands of people were sent to jail, violent incidents took place and Gandhiji withdrew movement.


Radical number - 8 - Churchil abused Gandhiji by calling him 'A Naked Fakir.'


Radical number 8 Compound number 5 - Quit India movement started and Gandhiji went to jail with other leaders and millions of other people.

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