Under the combination of Jupiter and Saturn, the native earns popularity in the society and name and fame as well. He is skilled, rich and prosperous.


Venus is the lord of virility, power of procreation, beauty and modern arts. By the influence of Venus a person likes music, literature, cleanliness etc. He has a good-looking personality with large eyes and black curly hair. He is courteous, affable, mild and renowned. He is interested in arts, acting, paintings etc. He happens to be a painter and artist, if Venus is conjoined with the Sun in his Kundali. But by the influence of this combination, he becomes amorous and likes to lead a lavish style of life. He suffers from eye problems as well. Venus becomes strong, if it is conjoined with Moon. This combination makes the native a businessman, rich and prosperous. He proves to be expert in trade if the planet is conjoined with Mars in his Kundali. In this situation, the native becomes dutiful and active. He deals in metals and likes to drive his vehicle fast. He enjoys company of many women. If influenced by the combination of Venus and Mercury, the native earns knowledge and courage and proves to be wise. This combination makes him a munshee, writer, official, ruler etc. He is happy and enjoys a luxurious life and earns favour from state. By the influence of the combination of Venus and Jupiter also, the native becomes happy, strong, clever, just and scholar. Combination of Venus and Saturn indicates meanness of a person. This combination makes him wily, proud and selfish.


Saturn is the lord of west direction. It is black in colour. It is said to be lethargic, squint -eyed and tall. Its hair is tangled and teeth are large. It makes the native lean and thin, stupid, greedy and and short tempered. He proves to be guileful, wicked, dull by nature, weak by mind and untrustworthy. The planet causes dispute between the native and his brothers. He keeps finding faults in others and usurps the property of others as well. By nature, he is revolutionary. He keeps his secrets concealed. Saturn renders long life. But, at the same time, it makes him grave and sad and in this situation, he thinks of committing suicide and a sense of seclusion grows in him.

Combination of Saturn and Moon makes the native weak and he is deprived of wealth. This also makes him stupid, wily and guileful. Under the influence of Saturn-Mars combination, the native becomes guileful and untrustworthy. But the combination of Saturn and Mercury proves to be somewhat auspicious. The native earns much but appears to be niggard. However, the combination makes him a poet, an orator, a lecturer, an artist and versed in ocult sciences. Under the combination of Saturn and Jupiter, the native gains popularity and renown. He is adept and earns much wealth, respect and honour. But, the combination of Saturn and Venus is inauspicious for him and he develops a sense of fascination towards women other than his wife. Besides, he tries to usurp the property of others. The combination makes his thinking dirty.

Now a study is being made here mentioning the method to know the events and incidents to take place in one's life by Numerology. Besides, some combinations of Ank Kundali are cited results of which should be compared to the effects of the planets, mentioned above.

Numerology: Its Authenticity

Here, incidents that took place in the life of some great people are being sketched here to show the authenticity of Numerology. This will help the students of Astrology to know its relevance.

Mahatma Gandhi

An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

Any body can learn numerology to know about the basic traits and nature of a native. The vibration of numbers have a specific impact on the life of native. This book contains complete information about the basics of numerology.

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