Moon conjoined with Venus enhances virility. He has a pleasing personality. He likes to lead a luxurious life and enjoys a lavish life style. He loves beauty and is well versed in modern art. The combination of Moon and Saturn is inauspicious that causes affliction and distress and makes the native amorous.


Mars is the symbol of strength, power and courage. It gives power, energy, ability, land, property, profit in harvesting and patience, if it is strong. The native may enjoy high post and enhancement in status. Things of red colour are useful for him. He may succeed in adventurous job and jobs related to chimney and blast furnaces may earn him profit. Mars makes him brilliant but angry and unsteady also. He happens to be , generous, brave, strong and victorious

He maintains friendship he establishes with the people. He is expert in martial art and remains satisfied with his activities. He proves to be a reformist also. He is well versed in chemistry or he may be a doctor, surgeon or a commander. If weak, Mars makes the native short tempered, lethargic, a cheat, stupid, obstinate, cruel, quarrelsome, crazy etc. He leads a lavish life style and he does not have faith in God. In this situation of Mars, the native appears to be characterless and cruel in his activities. Weak Mars with Saturn causes accidents. It also causes injuries, wounds and diseases. Under this combination of Mars and Saturn, the native has to face hurdles in accumulating wealth; he may face pauperism, poverty etc. and may turn bankrupt as well. Untimely death and dreaded diseases are also possible. Property and the family of the native may get ruined. The combination causes him dispute with his brothers, wife, progeny, parents and friends. Loss of honour, punishment from and wrath of from state are also possible. He turns wily and guileful.

Combination of Mars and Mercury makes the native earn profit through adventurous job. With the combination of wisdom and courage, the native happens to be rich, courageous and straightforward. He may be a doctor, engineer or technocrat. Mars with Jupiter makes him a mathematician, technologist, scholar, astrologer or astronomer. He likes music. Under the combination of Mars and Venus, the native becomes practical, Yoga performer, dutiful, pilot etc. He remains indulged in job full of adventure.

Results of the combinations of Mars and the Sun and that of Mars and Moon have been mentioned earlier.


Mercury is the lord of speech. In the royal family of the planets, Mercury is the prince. It is a benefic planet and represents physiology, mathematics, art of writing, technology, commerce etc. It appears to be cruel if it is associated with cruel planets. It makes the native happy, good orator, eloquent etc. He keeps on inventing new schemes but keeps his plans secret. He proves to be wise and a scholar. He is expert in handicrafts and physiology. Mercury with the Sun gives knowledge and the native develops a sense of business in him. With other planets, Mercury gives results according to their effects. With Mars, it develops a sense of telling lie, whereas with Jupiter, it makes the native scholar and skilled in writing poetry. It also gives him spiritual knowledge. Under the combination of Mercury and Venus, the native becomes expert in modern art, engineering, technology etc. But influenced by the combination of Mercury and Saturn, he proves to be grave.


Jupiter is the teacher of the deities and planets. That is why it is called Guru also. It is the minister and advisor in the cabinet of planets. It makes the native generous, knowlegeable, versed in Vedant, peaceful, scholar, altruist, social worker, mild and sweet spoken. It also makes him a man of firm character and a high ranking official. By the influence of Jupiter, a man happens to be just and fair and truthful, tolerant, devotee of God etc. He gives genuine advice to the people around and helps the poor. Jupiter gives knowledge, prosperity pleasure and long life.

If conjoined with the Sun, Jupiter makes the native ambitious and develops in him awareness towards his rights. He becomes knowledgeable and earns favour of the ruler. Combination of Jupiter with Moon is very much auspicious. This renders knowledge, religiosity, property and prosperity to the native and brings him name and fame and grandeur. He happens to be a mathematician, technologist, scholar and music loving. Influenced by the combination of Mercury and Jupiter, the native is a fine orator, renowned poet and reformist. Jupiter with Venus makes him prosperous, strong, clever and just and fair.

An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

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