According to this theory, here in the Kundali cited above 1 i.e. the Sun adds up with 9 i.e. Mars. Likewise, number 6 adds up with 2 i.e. Venus is conjoined with Moon. So, in this Ank Kundali the attributes of the Sun, Mars, Venus and Moon will be there in abundance. Sometimes a number is repeated. In this situation the particular number is mentioned on two occasions.

To make it more clear, the Ank Kundali of Sardar Vallabha Bhai Patel is cast here under. He was born on 31.10.1875.

Sardar Vallabha Bhai Patel 31.10.1875

In this Kundali number 1 has been written two times. Combinations of Jupiter and Sun, Sun and Ketu / Neptune and Ketu / Neptune and Mercury are there in the Kundali. Before making prediction by Ank Kundali, the effects of the planets and their benefic and malefic attributes are being mentioned, which will prove to be helpful in making prediction.

Special Characteristics of Planets


Sun is the soul. It is the king of planets and it makes rest of the planets shine. If the Sun in the Ank kundali of a native is strong he is like a king, ambitious and self - respecting. He is aware of his rights and likes to rule. He is self - reliant and rises by his strength. He happens to be brave, clever, strong, wise, straight forward, renowned, an altruist and generous.

He likes royal splendour very much. He wins over his enemies and proves to be a man of good conduct. If the number of the sun in Ank Kundali is once only, the result will be normal. But if the number is more than one time, the result stated above will be in abundance. If the number of the Sun is not there, it will not shower its effects. The number of the Sun is 1. Its complementary number is 8, which is the number of Saturn. Saturn annihilates the attributes and effects of the Sun. If the number of the Sun 1 is not there in the Kundali and 8 is there, then the Sun will not shower its effects. In this situation, the native is deprived of self confidence, self-respect, generosity etc.

The combination of the Sun and Moon 1 + 2 or 4 + 2 proves to be very favourable. This gives the native royal splendour, rights etc. Due to the combination of the Sun and Jupiter 1 + 3 or 4 + 3, he happens to be a scholar and earns honour and name and fame. The combination enhances the sphere of his renown. Likewise, the combination of the Sun and Mercury 1 + 5 or 4 + 5 enhances the sphere of education and knowledge and that of the Sun and Venus 1 + 6 or 4 + 6 gives knowledge of art and literature. The combination of the Sun and Mars 1 + 9 or 4 + 9 makes him brilliant and courageous


Moon is the lord of mind. The native earns favour from state and the higher officials, if the numbers of Moon are there in his Kundali. This situation of the numbers of Moon makes him wealthy and prosperous. He is kind, straightforward, pious, practical and wise. He takes interest in business. He likes things of white colour such as clothes, ornaments etc. By nature, he is unsteady. He loves beauty and his imaginative power proves to be good. He likes delicious food. If the Moon is not strong then the native proves to be upstart and likes the company of women of easy virtue. He is not particular at his meal. He appears to be untrustworthy and a burglar of wealth and money. Sometimes he turns proud and a hypocrite. He loves backbiting and has a sense of revenge. The combination of Moon and Mars makes the native earn much of wealth by adventurous deeds. He enjoys prosperity, but this combination of the two planets causes him diseases. Moon conjoined with Mercury makes him wise and a fine orator. He happens to be adept in writing. The combination of Moon and Jupiter causes him important post and power. Under this combination he becomes the founder and owner of an organistion. The combination makes him a teacher, spiritualist, renowned, wealthy and knowledgeable.

An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

Any body can learn numerology to know about the basic traits and nature of a native. The vibration of numbers have a specific impact on the life of native. This book contains complete information about the basics of numerology.

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