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Ank Kundali is also cast like Janma Kundali, Rashi Kunadali etc. based on the theory of astrology. A Kundali, i.e. horoscope is cast on the basis of birth, time, date, month and the calendar year. The 12 houses in a horoscope are meant for 12 signs and the number of sign is put in every of the houses. The planets are also positioned in the houses according to their signs. Likewise, Ank Kundali is also cast on the basis of birth, time, date, month and the calendar year. But there are only 9 houses in it and numbers of planets are put in place of the numbers of signs.

In Numerology, all the 9 numbers are classified into 3 categories that are said to be related to body, mind and soul. In the Panchadashi Tantra, the Yantra of 15 has got its importance. In this Yantra, all the 9 numbers are put in all the houses in such a way that if added up, the total happens to be 15 from every side.

Panchadashi Yantra

Among these numbers, 1, 3 and 9 are associated with the soul. The sun is the lord of 1, Jupiter of 3 and Mars is the lord of 9. The Sun symolises the psychic force of the person i.e. the individual or the society. Mars represents thinking and Jupiter represents creation and expansion and span of heart.

Moon has two numbers 2 and 7. The Sun has also two numbers - 1 and 4. Number 8 is the number of Saturn. The Sun gives elan vital to the world. Moon gives reasoning and the forces that the body cause harm to are produced by Saturn. All these 9 numbers are arranged in the way as shown below in the table. Their sequence and place are fixed. The last phase symbolises the world, the middle represents mental disposition and the top phase signifies soul


Here, the Ank Kundali of Mahatma Gandhi is cast below that might be helpful in casting the Ank kundalis of others. The date of birth of Mahatma Gandhi is 2.10.1869.

Mahatama Gandhi 2.10.1869

In making this Ank Kundali, the century of birth is not taken into account.

In an Ank Kundali, every number adds up with the number opposite to it or with the number above it.

An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

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