1. 21. This indicates prosperity, prestige, promotion, etc. Success in work is seen.
  2. 22. Native with this number remain in a world of dream. They waste their time daydreaming. But when problem comes over head, they rise to the occasion. This number indicates that the opinions formed are false.
  3. 23. By grace of higher officials or seniors, prosperity and success are possible.
  4. 24. This is an auspicious number. Help and assistance from higher officials are seen in work of such natives. A man gets benefitted out of love and affection of a woman. Similarly a woman can reap rich harvest due to some men like brother, father, husband or some body else.
  5. 25. It reveals that power will come from experience and learning from others' activities will benefit. Success comes after lots of initial struggle. Its result is auspicious in future related things.
  6. 26. This tells of heavy trouble and suspicion due to others' company or assistance. Similarly heavy loss is suspected due to, partnership, marriage, speculation etc.
  7. 27. It indicates ruling capacity and power. Good results are expected due to sagacity. Such people should implement their ideas themselves. In questions of future this number indicates excellent result.
  8. 28. This number indicates two powers pulling apart. Such people expect a lot from their job. But if they are careless nothing falls in their lap. Loss is feared from blind faith in others, competition in trade, court of law, and legal proceedings. They cannot be assured of a favourable future.
  9. 29. This number reveals unstability and uncertainty. Friends of such natives are not faithful and they get ditched by them. Possibility of fear, pain and loss looms large. Such natives are likely to be ditched by opposite sex. They can have discomforts from them.
  10. 30. Such people are highly intelligent and talented. They put their heart and mind, academic pursuit-not for amassing wealth. So this number can't be called auspicious or inauspicious.
  11. 31. This number bears result like that of 30. Rather such people are more lonesome and introvert. Such people stay aloof and so worldly success eludes them. Therefore this number is not auspicious.
  1. 32. This number is as miraculous as 5 and 14. This indicates lots of people, nations or community. If such natives implement their ideas themselves they will succeed. But if they give importance to foolish advice or insistence of others they could not succeed. This is an auspicious number as far as future is concerned.
  2. 33. This number has no significance of its own. It gives result as 24.
  3. 34. This number bears result as that of 25.
  4. 35. This number bears result as that of 26.
  5. 36. This number bears result as that of 27.
  6. 37. This number holds significant power. People with this number sees rise of their fate in love and affection. Any thing done in partnership bears good result for such natives.
  7. 38. This number shows result as 29.
  8. 39. This number shows result as 30
  9. 40. This number shows result as 31.
  10. 41. This number shows result as 32.
  11. 42. This number shows result as 24.
  12. 43. This is an inauspicious number. Failure, hurdles, quarrels, revolt, etc. are th results.
  13. 44. This shows result like number 26.
  14. 45. This shows result like number 27.
  15. 46. This shows result like number 37.
  16. 47. This shows result like number 29.
  17. 48. This shows result like number 30.
  18. 49. This shows result like number 31.
  19. 50. This shows result like number 32.
  20. 51. This is a very powerful number that indicates of courage and victory. Such natives become successful in whatever they do. For those, who want to join army, it is all the more auspicious. Even for leaders it indicates success. But there are enemies of natives with this number. They can cause fear and can torture such natives physically.
An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

Any body can learn numerology to know about the basic traits and nature of a native. The vibration of numbers have a specific impact on the life of native. This book contains complete information about the basics of numerology.

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