to the said friendly, enemy and even numbers too cast their influence on the native with this number as radical. The natives must put on blue sapphire all the time.

Now, we should have a look at Cheiro’s opinion on number 8 in the following text. According to Cheiro, the natives having this radical number should wear all shades of grey, black, dark blue and reddish blue. If such a native wears any lighter shades, he/she will appear peculiar, as something is amiss.

As number 8 is of Saturn, Saturday is a day of fortune for them. Number 4 casts its influence on Sunday and along with Monday as well. Therefore, Saturday, Sunday and Monday are important days for the people with radical number 8.

People born under the influence of 8 should start their projects on 8, 17 and 26 of any month as these dates are important for their own number 8. January and again on 19th and 20th of February, the success will be multifold. These dates are related to number 8. Moreover, if these dates fall on Saturday, Sunday or Monday the result is even more effective. Along with these numbers other dates related to friendly numbers 4, 13, 22, and 31 are beneficial for these people.

Gems beneficial for them are Neelmani, dark coloured sapphire, black pearl or black diamond. They should take all care that these gems touch their body.

It is difficult to explain number 8. This symbolizes spiritualism and materialism both. In fact, a close look reveals Number 8 as two circles touching each other. It is made up of two 4s. So, since ancient period this is being considered as indicator of undivided fate for people and the nation. In astrology, it indicates Saturn. The latter too is considered as star of fortune.

In the opinion of Sepharial, people with radical number 8 have good vibe with people having 2 as their radical number. The former gets attracted towards people with number 1 and 4 whereas Numbers 3 and 9 repel them. With numbers 5, 7 and 9 such natives remain even i.e. well. By all means Saturday is favourable for them.

Radical Number 9: Mars

Mars is the lord of radical number 9. People, born on 9th or 27th, have number 9 as their radical number. The Sun remains in Aries and Scorpio between March 21 to April

27 and again October 21 to November 27. These are the signs of Mars. Hence, Mars casts its significant effect on these people during these Sayana months. If in these months dates of radical number 9 are also there, effect of Mars gets enhanced further.

These people are courageous and never give up. They are fast and in hurry, naturally. They wish to finish off all their jobs as soon as possible. But, their life is full of struggle and they have innumerable enemies. They, the natives, make a mark in service like police, army and fire brigade and in other adventurous feats. But they should shun any such feats. They should never take up adventurous jobs like circus, motor cycle games, car race, etc. Scaling mountain peaks too has its hazards for them. But, then, such people love these things and go for horse riding, etc. They are successful in administration and management. But, there is a word of caution: Never pick up fights at home or elsewhere. This is because they are short tempered. They cannot bear criticism. On the other side, they can easily be trapped by a woman’s treacherous love. They come under influence of flattery and are foxed easily. If such natives keep their anger in check, they can become quite successful and fortunate as well.

Mars, the lord of radical number 9, is said to be the commander of planets. Therefore, people having this radical number are full of ambitions for jobs like army, leadership, head of a village, etc. Even in other jobs and services, they exhibit traits of monopoly. Brimming full with courage and confidence, such people overcome hurdles easily and get successful. Impulsive behaviour and hurry in everything, they do characterize their personality.

The natives have courage deeply ingrained, so they should play safe and stay off from adventure. It is in their interest. They are disciplined and expect the same from others. But, they may cause harm to themselves, at times, under the influence of flatterers. Therefore, they must shun such company. A good of anger is natural in them as they are under the influence of Mars. Therefore, enemies will crop up, however they wouldn’t rise in number and will be overcome by the native. Under the influence of Mars, such natives may become victim of diseases related to fiery element. But, if they keep their behaviour cool their fortune may rise.

People born under the influence of 9 struggle hard to get whatever they want in their

An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

Any body can learn numerology to know about the basic traits and nature of a native. The vibration of numbers have a specific impact on the life of native. This book contains complete information about the basics of numerology.

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