Health and Diseases

They may suffer from blood pressure, cold or from some infectious diseases. They should go on fast on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi and worship Lord Ganesh to save themselves from ailments, effects of unfavourable time, distress and affliction.


They should choose the business of alcohal, spirit, oil, kerosene, perfume etc. In service, they can join railway, air force and water ways. They can choose the job of a coolie, technician, a painter, engineer, draftsman, tailor, carpenter, designer, telephone operator, steno typist, technologist, journalist, money collector, orator, preacher, mine worker, contractor, motor driver etc. They can choose the job of an electrician also.

Radical Number - Lucky Number - 5

Vaastu and residence

North is the suitable direction for these people. They should keep their drawing room in this direction. Furniture, upholstery etc. in the house should be of dull yellow and dazzling white colours. These colours will give the good results.

Vehicle,Journey, Hotel

If they buy a vehicle, they should prefer number for its registration that matches their radical and friendly numbers. The radical number of these people is 5 and the friendly numbers are 3 and 9. So, the number 5234 is favourable for the registration of their vehicle, which makes 5, the sum total. If on travel, they should choose a room in a hotel number of which matches their radical number. A room bearing number 104 will prove auspicious for them as it makes 5, the sum total, which is their radical number.

Health and Ailments

They may suffer from skin diseases, weakness in nervous system, mental agony and physical weakness etc. They should worship Lord Vishnu and go on fast on the day

of Poornima and offer banana to the deities.


They should opt for the job of a salesman, astrologer, postman, railway engineer, editor, tobaccao dealer, writer, journalist, translator, bookseller, librarian, inventor, Munim etc. They can join telecommnuication department, insurance department etc. Banking, preparing budget are also beneficial for them. They can choose the job related to communication, tourism etc. They can join department of archaeology also.

Radical Number - Lucky Number - 6

Vaastu and Residence

Natives having this radical number should choose right direction vis-a-vis their building. For them, Aagneya kone is the most suitable and auspicious direction. Numbers 3,6 and 9 are lucky for the house. They should reside in the Aagneya Kone in city or a house. This will prove better for them. They should choose this direction for their job and business also. The house and furniture in it should be light or sky blue colour.

Vehicle, Journey, Hotel

If they want their journey to be happy, they should select the numbers that match their radical number and its friends. Numbers 3 and 9 are the friends of radical number 6. Therefore, while on travel, they should hire a vehicle bearing number that matches their racical number. The berth they reserve in the train should also bear the same number. If they buy a vehicle, they should opt for the number for its registration that matches their radical number. The numbers for registration should make 3,6 or 9 the sum total. For example, number 5235 makes 6, the sum total, which is their radical number.

Health and Diseases:

They may suffer from problems in lungs, vital decay, weakness in nervous system, problem in chest, urinary problem, disorder caused by the excess of cough, constipation, cold etc. They should worship Kartveeryarjun to save themselves from these diseases, evil effects of time, distress and affliction. For women, worship of

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An Introduction to Numerology

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