Vaastu, Vehicle and Profession Yoga 9

Radical Number - Lucky Number - 1

Vaastu and Residence

For these people, it will be auspicious to reside in a country, province, city, bazar, house or a flat of which the radical or lucky number is 1. East direction is very much suitable for them. So, they should reside in the eastern part of a city or in the eastern portion of a house. Their drawing room should also be towards east. Eastern region, eastern countries or places in eastern part will be auspicious to work in. They should wear clothes of brown, yellow and golden colours. If they do so, their personality will be charming. They should also use yellow, golden or brown colour for their houses, vehicle, upholstery etc. This will bring them prosperity.

Vehicle, Journey, Hotel

If they buy vehicles, they should choose the numbers for registration matching with their radical and friendly numbers. This will prove lucky. Their radical number is 1. Therefore, numbers 1,4, 8 are lucky. So, the sum total of registration number of their vehicles should be 1,4 or 8. This will prove auspicious. For example, the registration number of a vehicle is 5230. So, the sum total of this number is 1. Even the sum total of the registration number or the vehicle they travel in is 1,4 or 8, they will have a happy journey. Likewise, if the number of the room of a hotel they book is 100, it will be better for them since the sum total of this number is 1. The room will prove lucky.

Health and Diseases

Heart of these people will be weak and they may have to suffer from some heart diseases during their old age. At times, they may have to suffer from blood-diseases.

In old age, they are likely to suffer from blood pressure, heart attack etc. which they can cure by 'Suryopasana'. Besides, they may suffer also from diptheria, indigestion, gout, weakness in nervous system, eye problem etc. They should be careful in this regard. They should go for 'Suryopasana' to save themselves from diseases and ailments, unfavourable time, distress and agonies. Apart from this, they should take their meal only once on Sundays and that too without salt.


It will be better for them to work in administration and as officials, if in service. If they adopt business, they should go for the business of a jeweller, a goldsmith, an astrologer, property dealer, contractor etc. They should deal in electrical goods, medicines, food grains etc. It will also be beneficial for them to adopt the field of politics and water supply. They can join army and can work as an ambassador. Besides, they may adopt the field that needs labour.

Radical Number - Lucky Number - 2

Vaastu and Residence

Vayavya Kone or North - West will be auspicious for these people. It is favourable to reside in a Vayavya kone. A house having number 2,7 or 9 as the sum total of its number will be comfortable.

Vehicle, Journey, Hotel

If they buy a vehicle, they should choose numbers for registration that match with their radical number and the friendly number of it. Numbers 2,7 and 9 will be auspicious for them as their radical number is 2. These numbers will prove auspicious for the registration of their vehicles. For example, the registration number of a vehicle is 5231 will make 2 as its sum total, which is the radical number of these people. They should go on travel in a vehicle having these numbers, which will make their journey happy. If they book a hotel, they should prefer these numbers. For example, number 101, which makes 2, the radical number.

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An Introduction to Numerology

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