1. 66. Two servants conspired to conceal it. Tough to recover. The one with ailing hand or crippled should be questioned.
  2. 67. Find it with the help of some young man or kid.
  3. 68. It is on rooftop or upper part of the house. Servants will find it for you.
  4. 69. Object lies at the spot where you knew of the loss or where you had stayed earlier. Can get near some relative or smewhere nearby or near a cup.
  5. 70. Search near water is kept. You may get it.
  6. 71. Look around the spot where object is lost. May be near your feet.
  7. 72. It is in your possession, near a pitcher, a jug, etc.
  8. 73. Can find it after police investigation.
  9. 74. Your loyal servant will find it for you.
  10. 75. Gone in the hands of young men or children. May get it in damaged state.
  11. 76. It is in your home itself. Search the spot where wheat flour and spices are stored.
  12. 77. It is somewhere nearby. Some servant will fetch it to you.
  13. 78. It is close-by, near cows and cattle'. But it is destroyed.
  14. 79. In your possession - inside iron or steel box.
  15. 80. In your possession - inside a box, case with two parts. Also search in your shoes-socks.
  16. 81. Search in clothes you wear or cover yourself with.
  17. 82. Look near place where you eat. Search in kitchen and ask your servants. Keep a vigil.
  18. 83. Unmarried girl or a young lady will trace and tell. It is in a pond or ditch filled with water.
  19. 84. It is in home itself. Search inside boxes, cases or containers with two parts like tiffin carrier, etc.

If a gentleman has come to you with an unspoken question, tell him to write a 9 digit number all the while keeping the question in his mind.

If the answer you get is right it is fine. Otherwise tell him to write all over again or to speak a number up to 81. Similarly if a gentleman comes asking for his lost object tell him to write or spell a number in the said way.

But if the answer doesn't tally with the subject, repeat the process. Keep the lost object in your mind while answering the question. Also keep the indications of the relevant number and position and place of the questioner. Suppose a gold ring is lost and answer number is 83. As per details given by the questioner the unmarried girl or a young lady or others under suspicion should be questioned very cleverly. Also look for water related places concerning the suspect. If ponds, reservoirs or ditches are not there, look into pitchers, post or other vessels. It is like taking clue from insignificant things like police or detectives do. You may choose the same way to make the prediction

If a person loses a big item like scooter and he gets number 53 as answer. Now such an object can't be inside bread, cake, etc. but it can easily be hidden in the compound of a flour mill, or hotel and is stolen by an old or aged servant or by a low-class person. This way you have to answer intelligently according to the varying situations and shape and size of the object lost. Apart from all this, read whatever answer comes regarding this type of question and watch expression over the face of the questioner. The part of question that surprises him could be subject of his question unspoken.

An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

Any body can learn numerology to know about the basic traits and nature of a native. The vibration of numbers have a specific impact on the life of native. This book contains complete information about the basics of numerology.

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