1. 21. The object is with you. You can get it in a box, case, attache, briefcase, etc.
  2. 22. The object is lying on top of an almirah or a shelved rack and you may find it soon.
  3. 23. It is somewhere nearby. You may find it in another room where you keep your clothes.
  4. 24. The object is with you, not lost.
  5. 25. Search your own objects. It is inside a white or round object.
  6. 26. Ask a very old member of your family. He / She has kept it safely.
  7. 27. Search in cowshed, stable, garage or in servant quarter.
  8. 28. Give up hope of finding the object, since it cannot be found out.
  9. 29. An old man or servant may tell where it is.
  10. 30. Ask children or students to find the object. It is lost in some game.
  11. 31. It is in secret room or covered drain. You can find it by luck or labour.
  12. 32. You can find it near verandah; on a rock or hilly land or on a rectangular object.
  13. 33. The object is near you. You can find it in your clothes.
  14. 34. Object may be found near fire, stove, hearth oven or main room or near fire place in sitting room. Object is somewhere nearby and will be available soon.
  15. 35. Near water in some hidden place or in personal room of your spouse. Near wash basin, or such place.
  16. 36. It will be retrieved by some foster-mother, nanny or guardian.
  17. 37. It will be there in some sacred place, temple, pilgrimage, seat of a deity, place for meditation or in secret room of the house or near its boundary wall.
  18. 38. Near bathroom, well, pond, river where you take bath before performing religious rites. You may find it after you accomplish short journey, pilgrimage.
  19. 39. Object is not lost. It is kept in some almirah or on a shelf.
  20. 40. Search in your clothes like dhoti, Kurta, Pyjamas, trousers turban, towel, etc.
  21. 41. Search the spot where both the spouses keep their shoes.
  22. 42. Look in quarters of cook, kitchen, water pot or in pitcher.
  23. 43. Search in cowshed, stable or garage, or the field in front of it. It is not far off.
  1. 44. Search in oil container, oil-lamp, lantern, etc. The object will be dirty and hence cleaning will be required.
  2. 45. So easy to find that you just lay your hands on it.
  3. 46. It is safe with your partner, friend or wife.
  4. 47. Ask the two servants working together. The one whose feet tremble will tell.
  5. 48. Find it where potable water is kept.
  6. 49. Consider it lost forever or in mutilated state.
  7. 50. It is not lost. Find it in some container / box having two parts.
  8. 51. Near bathing place like holy river, lake, bathroom or where you bathe before
    religious rites.
  9. 52. Check out with your partner or spouse. Headwoman of the family or her near relatives may help you trace the object. The object has changed hands.
  10. 53. It is with your servant. Ask, persuade or pressurize him to get it.
  11. 54. It is with someone of your family. Search intensely among objects of children.
  12. 55. Near walls or boundary of your building from where runs the outlet, drain or pipe.
  13. 56. The place where you stayed sometime back. Go and trace it there.
  14. 57. Search amidst your bags, pockets, equipment or place where you keep stick.
  15. 58. It is in possession of two people. Tough to recover. It is either spent or used in trade or otherwise.
  16. 59. It is with your old or aged servant. He may have hidden it in heap of chapatis, wheat flour, cakes or other items like this.
  17. 60. There is no hope of getting it.
  18. 61. Search it in lower parts of your home, in shoes, sandals, socks, pyjamas, sprinklers etc.
  19. 62. Lost forever and you cannot find it.
  20. 63. It is with you. Search in old dark places, heap of junk, etc.
  21. 64. It is in your possession. You kept it somewhere, and forgot. Search in dark corners or higher places. You will get it after some time.
  22. 65. It is gone for ever. But could be found with the help of someone else.
An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

Any body can learn numerology to know about the basic traits and nature of a native. The vibration of numbers have a specific impact on the life of native. This book contains complete information about the basics of numerology.

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