1. 72. Thinking about wealth, wealthy friend, brahman, religious conference, wooden sandals or objects that come in pair like shoes, scissors, sandles, pyjamas, etc.
  2. 73. Brothers, post, death of a ruler, fast travel, irritating message, honour, prestige, inheritance about writing.
  3. 74. About shining sun, proud wife, powerful enemy, hunting, eyesight or about some bright object.
  4. 75. Charming place, prosperous landlordism, emancipation, hidden treasure or about live stock, etc.
  5. 76. Son, seat of learning, school, newly wed wife, new daughter - in - law or about celibate relation between a maiden and a bachelor.
  6. 77. Dhoti, turban, Safa, housemaid, medicine, water or drink party.
  7. 78. About some old friend, institution, old relation, hospital or jail, or about people behind bars.
  8. 79. Growth or prosperity of yourself, foot strength, foot, wooden sandals, rise and comfort, limit of a thing, judge, lawyer or knowledge-and wisdom.
  9. 80. Suspicion about profit and loss, loss from fire, foreign land, death in an alien land or about sea vogege.
  10. 81. About a wealthy relative, fine clothes, gold ornaments, personal health, ripe fruits etc.
  11. 82. Peaceful end of life, invaluable dowry, pleasant news, travel by elephant or car, any journey for gain, or about sister.
  12. 83. About trade, tie - up or contract, leasing or renting of property, gate or way, new daughter in law, or engagement.
  13. 84. About daughter, pond or bathing place, public festival, Goddess Durga, holiday, clean clothes, friends.

How & where to find Lost Objects

Sepharial used lots of sanskrit words like Mantra, Ishwar, Rishis, Brahma, Vaishnav, Samadhi, Guru, Purohit, Gana, Vedas, Vedang, Kumbh, Moksha, Brahmachari, etc. in his book Kabala of Numbers.

He stressed that numerology has been studied in India since ancient time. He himself learnt this from an Indian Swami and was successful in tracing out the lost necklace of his wife with the help of this knowledge.

In his book Sepharial described method of tracing lost objects according to ancient Indian scripture. He even authenticated this by his personal experience. One can trace lost object with the help of the number arrived at as discussed earlier or by telling the questioner to write another number of 9 digits. This time too add 3 to that number and forecast according to the final number arrived at as stated below :

  1. 3. Object may be in some passage or gallery, corridor or in the mid of papers.
  2. 4. Object is not lost-rather it is in your possession.
  3. 5. You can find it with some effort. Look inside cap, turban, or hat.
  4. 6. On or near shoe rack, or look on sofa, rack, shelves of almirah or in exit way.
  5. 7. Query from your servant or housemaid.
  6. 8. Look at the top of almirah or in balcony, search your servant, craftsman or worker.
  7. 9. Look for the object near a boy or in his clothes or pocket.
  8. 10. It is in your main room or sitting room.
  9. 11. Trace it on the bank of a pond, or in water.
  10. 12. Object is not lost rather it is quite safe. You forgot where you kept it. So look near your work place, office, in books or papers.
  11. 13. Search the place where you keep your shawl, overcoat, or other clothes.
  12. 14. Find it under turban, hat, cap or in basin. sewer, drain.
  13. 15. Ask your spouse. Search in garage or stable.
  14. 16. Ask your cook. Look into the kitchen.
  15. 17. Search in almirah or rack or other shelves where art objects are kept.
  16. 18. The object is lost in your home. Look into clothes.
  17. 19. You may find it in sandy field nearby. Trace it on footway or in lane.
  18. 20. The object is not lost. You forgot it. It is near water or good clothes.
An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

Any body can learn numerology to know about the basic traits and nature of a native. The vibration of numbers have a specific impact on the life of native. This book contains complete information about the basics of numerology.

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