1. 40. About precious objects, gems and jewellery, clothes, wealth or grains, etc.
  2. 41. About yourself, clothes, position, prestige, repute ill-fame, credit, etc.
  3. 42. About some friend or a lady at high post, or about grace of some high official, about mass gathering.
  4. 43. About ancestral property, old building, cremation ground, mine and minerals or about some old man.
  5. 44. Subjects of question could be related to brother, health, objects of comfort, religious scriptures, letter expected from overseas or far off.
  6. 45. About marriage, profit and loss, cheating, partiality, unequality, injustice or about some object of less price.
  7. 46. About any friend or high official, gold-object, ring, gems or some precious objects.
  8. 47. About yourself, justice, court case, weights and measures, satisfaction, comfort, peace or death.
  9. 48. About dress, beauty parlour, home or some inner part of building, about some hidden or absconding servant, health of some woman or about message expected from far off.
  10. 49. About change of post or place, about mother or specific object or about queen or a highly placed women.
  11. 50. About troublesome journey or a sister in trouble, duty, summon or about some sorrowful news.
  12. 51. About gain of plenty of wealth, bet, lottery, speculation or employment, children or wealth expected from far off.
  13. 52. Related to physical ailment or death, hidden object, servants, red clothes, hot meal, doctor, Yamraj, Tantra and Yoga, snakes or other reptiles.
  14. 53. About some high post, job, king or high official, dead lion or about lost gold.
  15. 54. About infectious disease, some woman in suffering, wife, daughter, some promise, contract or four walls.
  16. 55. About death, lost documents or about message reached at wrong place, adolescent girl, mass gathering or friend.
  1. 56. Related to overseas, foreign relations, sea voyage, religious conference, publication, ships, ghost or divine power (Mother goddess Durga, Kali, etc.)
  2. 57. About some mine, stores or wealth gained, inheritance, pension or about some male.
  3. 58. About lawyer, judge, teacher, priest, Vedas, Brahmanas, personal property, personal influence or personal gain, etc.
  4. 59. About death, hospital, room of a patient, kids, fire in house, some courageous job or about industry.
  5. 60. About some person worshipper of fire or Hawankarta, religious culture, king, of some alien land, an ascetic, meditation, Brahma, the Sun in sky, Lord or Time concept.
  6. 61. Food or eatables, trade, fine clothes, male friend, place of business or market, servant or about vaishnav Brahman.
  7. 62. About some essay or contract, promise, legal action of any person, post, property or about father.
  8. 63. Related to dead woman, lost property or object, clothes for pal, lacklustre Moon, dowry, or a woman's wealth or about bath.
  9. 64. About your post or position, wealth gained, inheritance, old man, trade or exchange, exchange of objects, time periods.
  10. 65. Small trip and home coming, journey, journey on foot, closed room, living in comfortable room, sister, mantrana or secret counsel.
  11. 66. Cremation ground, hilly place or area, minerals, doctors, friend, house on fire, dry land or sand related question.
  12. 67. Dead king, lost gold, dowry, girdle of gold or silver (Mekhla), or about ailing children.
  13. 68. About small girls, relatives, reliable post or about bail.
  14. 69. About clothes, ships, trade items, food items, trade, Vedang, scientific items.
  15. 70. About wife, contract, gathering point for mass, full Moon or poornamasi.
  16. 71. About waterpot, pitcher, some old known place, friend or about your connection with others.
An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

Any body can learn numerology to know about the basic traits and nature of a native. The vibration of numbers have a specific impact on the life of native. This book contains complete information about the basics of numerology.

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