1. 9. You are thinking about antiquity, antique items, foreign or foreign goods, east direction or ancient Indian civilization.
  2. 10. Thinking about some unfortunate and painful friendship, contract, relationship or it might be some tie - up that may possibly cause loss or about some quarrels.
  3. 11. Want to evaluate the price of a particular building, house, property or mines.
  4. 12. Thinking about subject like jovial atmosphere, some tea party, festival, objects of luxury, fine clothes or about participating in some lavish party.
  5. 13. About money matters, immediate monetary gain, speculation or lottery.
  6. 14. Regarding some females like daughter, sister, aunt, maternal aunt, maternal grandmother, etc. May be, it is about short trip or about some messages expected from abroad.
  7. 15. About some death or other painful news, or about some loss or misfortune.
  8. 16. Some good news, it may be fruitful contact, good contract, relevant discussion, or about wife.
  9. 17. About some disease, pain, servant, or about some items nearby.
  10. 18. About some enjoyable journey, love, pleasure, receiving desired message, gold or about some work related to your brother or relatives.
  11. 19. About hurdles in any work, seclusion, staying in hospital or nursing home, penalty or about some kid.
  12. 20. About some journey, letter or correspondence, transportation of an object or about some way.
  13. 21. About some financial benefit, monetary gain or about some silver objects or white objects.
  14. 22. About a marriage that is against wishes or likely to have bad consequence; about some ill person, partner, wife or husband, enemy or opponent or about difficulties or for adverse contract.
  15. 23. Thinking about living a good and lavish life, good clothes, loyal servants, good post, comfort, hope, fame, and good health.
  16. 24. About some shaky situation, family feud or about some new job or venture fraught with difficulties and risk. May be about kids or clandestine love.
  1. 25. Excess benefit, affluence, gold, wealth, or about some bright objects like the sun.
  2. 26. About gaining peaceful control over any thing. About valuable property, building, foundation, plain land, plot, etc.
  3. 27. About some closed room, or space, short trip by a boat; brother or close relatives, letter or carrier of the letter.
  4. 28. About your own imagination, white clothes or cup like object, silver object, new Moon (In earlier days of Shukla Paksha the Moon is new).
  5. 29. Ill health, poverty, difficult situations, blood impurities, other illness or life of struggle.
  6. 30. About happiness of children, pleasure giving experience, good dowry, ancestral property or about some friendship or union.
  7. 31. About things under the earth, some snake, scorpion, or other animal hidden in house or about foreign countries.
  8. 32. About emperor, king or government, gold or good investment. May be thinking about your own character or work.
  9. 33. About some good news, good post, position or some special achievement or about some brother.
  10. 34. Thinking about monetary gain, food, grains or about things concerning day to day life, some purchase or about some physical gain.
  11. 35. About some woman, birth of a son or daughter, acting upon some clandestine plan, conspiracy which is not known to the questioner, or about some secret matter or seclusion.
  12. 36. About loss in speculation or business, ailing kid, miserable life of family members / relatives, pain in general, difficulties.
  13. 37. About a contract that bore ill consequences, or a marriage that entailed stressful conjugal life, or about some building, plot or marriage.
  14. 38. About death or pains due to fever, malaria, Motijhara or about a pond, travel or communication or sister.
  15. 39. About some closed space or temple, Raj Bhawan, Cinema or any other dazzling building, or about leaving the country or immigration or exile.
An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

Any body can learn numerology to know about the basic traits and nature of a native. The vibration of numbers have a specific impact on the life of native. This book contains complete information about the basics of numerology.

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