Mook Prashna
(Silent Queries) 7

At times people ask you ‘’tell me what I want to ask?’’ In this situation, tell him to write a number of nine digits. In fact, it is said that those who do not believe in astrology or those who ask questions to make a mockery of astrology or just to test its worth should not be blessed with predictions of future. Such predictions should be avoided at crowded places full of noises. Still if you have to predict about questions unspoken, tell the questioner to write a 9-digit number at one go. He should write the number that comes without thinking spontaneously. Suppose, the person wrote 123456789. Add these digits and you have 45. Add 3 to it and you have 48 finally. Now see the subjects of the question related to this number 48 in the table of number 03 to 84. Please note that the number 3 you added above must be added accordingly in all cases.

If someone writes 0 nine times as 000000000. According to rule add 3 to it and here you have 3 finally. If 9 is written 9 times, it makes 81, largest number. Add 3 to it as said above and you have 84 as its outcome. Results or predictions for numbers from 3 to 84 are given below. Now in case if someone does not know how to write, tell him to speak any number (up to 81) that comes in his mind instantly. Add 3 to that and see the predictions. You could find more than one fact written in all cases. Here you have to utilize your intelligence to decide the subject matter most suitable for the questioner. But, if you cannot decide as to what to say and what not, then tell him that his subject matter is there in this range of facts. At times, predictions for some certain number might not be proper. For instance, marriage or birth of a son comes out as your prediction for an old man. Chances are there that the old man has come with queries for his son or daughter. This way you have to decide according to age and position of the questioner.

Even then, if you do not get your answer right and the questioner remains unsatisfied, tell him or her to speak up spontaneously any number from 1 to 81.

In fact, some people are in two minds as to which number they should speak. Hence, this request for a number that comes in his mind first. Most of the times, it is seen that if your will power is strong then the questioner will tell the number you could yourself have spoken within your heart. Therefore, do not think of any number at that time. However, this is a matter of interest and you can test it practically if you have made your will power strong by Pranayam or Rajyoga, start repeating a particular number in your mind in order to take the questioner in your influence, he will speak that particular number.

What's in your mind

Sepharial was famous English numerologist. He named 10th Chapter of his book ‘Kabala of Numbers’ as ‘Finding out unspoken question by numerology according to Hindi Scriptures’. He acknowledged in this Chapter only that he got this lesson from an Indian Swamiji. Many Sanskrit words have been used in the said book. And in the present lesson, we produce unspoken questions on that basis. It is believed that the book Sepharial used as a source of his writings is no more available. There could be some handwritten manuscript. Here we produce answers or result of numbers ranging from 3 to 84.

  1. 3. You are thinking about yourself. Some diseases, fever, anger or quarrel has occupied your mind.
  2. 4. Thinking about some family matters. It could be family affairs, love, pleasure, fun something to your heart for which you are pining at the moment.
  3. 5. Subjects could be marriage, some contract or partnership, peace, unity and conciliation between the two for mental peace.
  4. 6. Thinking about some news related to the brother, journey and medium of communication, parcel, or elemental topics.
  5. 7. It could be building, land, things concealed under the earth, vast expanse of water, or ocean, transfer or change.
  6. 8. May be thinking about antiquity, antique items, foreign or foreign goods, east direction or ancient Indian civilization.
An Introduction to Numerology

An Introduction to Numerology

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